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To join a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a tax sale system that auctions off property because of unpaid municipal liens, please (1) fill out the form below, and (2) sign the retainer letter linked here.

Every year, Baltimore City and the State of Maryland auction off residents' homes, mostly to out-of-state hedge funds and investors, for a fraction of their true value because of unpaid municipal liens. These debts have ranged from unpaid property taxes to late water bills and environmental citations. For many reasons, this system is inhumane, inequitable, and unconstitutional. This lawsuit will challenge the constitutionality of the entire system, alleging that it violates the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by taking private property without just compensation. 


If your property has been sold in a tax sale and you would like to consider joining this lawsuit, please complete the electronic form below. You will be contacted by a community member or a member of the legal team with more information about next steps.

Residents have engaged former Maryland deputy attorney general Thiru Vignarajah to lead this class action lawsuit. Should you require more information, please call us and leave a message for our team at (410) 929-4477.

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