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Thiru Vignarajah and his campaign investigated every single homicide that occurred over the past three years and identified not only how many resulted in a charge, but also the exact outcome of each and every case. The analysis includes charging, disposition, and sentencing data for each homicide, based upon available public information. 


Key findings include:

  1. Less than a quarter of all 1,001 murders resulted in an arrest (244). 

  2. The arrest rate, which was already at historic lows, has dropped from 31% in 2017 to 27% in 2018 to 16% in 2019. That means only 55 of last year’s record 348 murders have resulted in an arrest.

  3. About one in five murder cases that are even charged are dropped or end in acquittal. 

  4. So far, less than 12% of 2017-19 murders have resulted in a defendant being sentenced to even one day in prison.

Crime is undoubtedly the defining narrative of Baltimore. Thiru, having worked as a city, state, and federal prosecutor, is the only candidate who understands how the Mayor could serve as a partner in changing the reality of violence that affects families across the city.    

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